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25 years now we work with the purpose of providing you with excellent accounting services
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At Mitilinos Accounting we regard ourself not only fully engaged, proficient accountants but also lifelong learners. That’s why we strive, on a daily-basis, to find the perfect employees who have the potentials to get the most out of working with our proactive team who regularly aims at delivering the absolute best services to our clients.

  • Relevant general business knowledge and acumen

    It’s necessary to relate to the clients about the business issues they’re facing and to anticipate, as much as to understand, their needs.

  • IT expertise

    Our clients are spread across the world. Cloud computing is what allows easy access to documents worldwide so that ‘distance means so little when someone means so much’ won’t be just a way of saying.

  • Communication Skills

    Extremely important for internal coordination of engagements and external client service. Active listening skills are not a plus, but a must.

  • Strong Leadership Abilities

    You need them to motivate and to inspire each other within the team.

  • Marked Customer Service Orientation

    Being the leader in exceptional, timely and accurate client service is what our global vision is all about.

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Maximum size 2MB, File Format: pdf, doc, docx