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Food & Beverages

Food & Beverages

Despite requiring hefty investments in land, warehouse space, test kitchens and processing equipment, companies growing, processing or distributing food/beverages are among the most innovative and lucrative of all.

Headed by enthusiastic entrepreneurs and driven by passionate individuals, these businesses easily attracts capital because of their astonishing R&D as well as their strong brands and their noteworthy customer-oriented business plans. Equity financing, such as venture capital and crowdfunding campaigns usually make it possible to overcome excessive reliance on debts, so entering a virtuous cycle which paves the way for innovation.

On the other hand, pricing your product competitively to achieve a strong rate of return for your shareholders often requires to take time to get to know suppliers, target customer base and local farmers, especially when running farm-to-table restaurants: here it comes Mitilinos Accounting  Office with its established expertise in keeping books for and engaging with businesses promoting Greek cookery.

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