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Wholesale & Retail

Wholesale & Retail

Wholesalers and retailers operate in one of the most competitive market. As a consequence, continuous changes in the regulations and other demanding issues come out so frequently that in order to cope with them you truly need to entrust experts who know how to make the most of them.

We are proud to affirm that Mitilinos Accounting Office has strong ties with both city and regionally based wholesale and retail businesses with turnovers ranging from that of a family business to those who directly compete with major publicly listed players.

What we passionately offer is a global assistance which covers all the critical issues related to this industry. Ongoing monitoring of the proper KPI’s, advises in order to save money in taxes, preparation of projections for new and existing business practices and analysis of financial performance with related practical solutions for improvement are just a few of the tailored services we propose you for your unique business.

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